Friday, November 19, 2010

My Life is Opera!

My Life is Opera.
full of layers.
Different taste but blend nicely.
I hope.

My Hiatus

After 1 year and 8 months i sleep tightly,finally wake up and i realize one thing. How damn I miss my Food Blog. A lot.
I miss your comments, who ever you are that read my posts and being nice to stop by and drop a comment. one or two. The moment is priceless. I have let my Sweet Scarlett 2nd Anniversary. What am i doing. This is my happiness. This is the place i used to release my stress out and found some happiness and that's it... i am happy to do my own food blog.
Yes. I am happy as a food blogger. Even though un notice. Doesn't matter.

And This is my Opera.

My fav strong coffee taste.
The almond.
Smooth butter cream blend with Italian Meringue.
Pure of Dark Chocolate and cream.
The classy yet trendy cocoa glacage that shine with proud.
And off course the it must have layering .. the addict.
I am addict to Opera.
So addicted.

My Opera

Welcome back, My Sweet Scarlett.

All photos styling and taken by Dee at Sweet Scarlett

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