Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet Recipe ... Chocolate Mousse

All photos by Dee at Sweet Scarlett


What do you think about chocolate mousse?
i think...soft...creamy...mouth watering...heaven!!!
Again? Yes! i have been telling you chocolate mousse almost as h
eaven as cream brulee. So classy and perfect dessert that people will always craving for it. Some of..
So...tell me...what do you think about chocolate mousse...

Recipe for 1 whole cake (round 16 cm)
3 egg yolk
1 egg
100 g castor sugar
75 ml water
2 1/2 gelatin leaves, rest in cooled water
225 g melted dark chocolate couveture
35 g fine cocoa powder, sifted
375 g (already) whipped cr

2 sheet chocolate sponge (round 16 cm)


1.mixed yolks and egg with au bai
n marie .
2.meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup by boiling (5 minutes) castor sugar and water.
3.pour hot syrup in to the eggs.mixed well until pale in color.
4.add rested gelatin, mixed until gelatin disolved in to eggs.
4.Bring out bowl from pan, add melted chocolate, mixed well. Add sifted cocoa powder mixed again until well corporate.
5.The batter should no longer hot. It will reduce the
temperature while adding the ingredients.
6.The last...add whipped cream. Just remember do not over mixed. Just mix slowly with whisk.
7.You can serve as you like. to make whole cake just sandwiched it between 2 layers of chocolate sponges(brush with simple syrup)...or you can easily dollop it on a dessert plate with a cube of chocolate sponge. Serve it chill for best result.

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