Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monthly Sweet...Mint Leaves

Photos by Syahroni Cropped edit by Dee at Sweet Scarlett

Mint Leaves

Mints are aromatic, almost exclusively perennial, rarely annual herbs. The best leaf for cake and dessert's garnish. Great as ingredients too. I love the green colour and those aromatic smell. But , now days we can easily found Mint leaves here in Jakarta. And the prices also more cheap. Because we allready plant it here. No need to import them.

There are 30 species of mint, but the two most commonly available are peppermint (more pungent with bright green leaves, purple stems and peppery flavor) and spearmint (gray-green leaves and milder flavor).

Season: June - August

How to select: Available year round, but summer is height of the season. Look for even-colored leaves.

How to store: Keep stems down in a glass of water with the leaves covered in plastic for a week changing the water every 2 days, or in plastic with a damp paper towel.

Matches well with: carrots, chocolate, duck, eggplant, fruit, goat, ice cream, lamb, lentils, oranges, peas, peppers, pilafs, pork, salsas, tomatoes, vegetables, yogurt

(from Kitchen dictionary)

Sweet Tour ... The Harvest Cake Shop

All photos by dee at sweet scarlett

I can tell that i love The Harvest so much. mostly since their made their products more gorgeous, adorable...just name it. Look at their products here and here or their chocolate here... see, why i fall in to their pastries? the products are sooo beautiful. and delicious too. i just love it. But for my June Sweet Tour i only review their 3 products. In the future i will review their other products including their chocolates. Just wait my dear readers!

The other part of The Harvest that i like it too was their brochures. Very nice. With a mouth watering photos. I guess the newest is the best.don't tell anyone...i have their 3 kinds of brochures! hahaha...i just like to collected them.

The Reviews

Strawberry Cheesecake

Wow!!! i just can say wow. It so delicious. Nice texture. I guess this is the baked cheesecake version. They topped with A LOT of fresh strawberries. The strawberry give a nice refreshing touch to this creamy cheesecake. No regret guys! worth with the price. Price : Rp. 17.000 (IDR)

Chocolate Melt

The name was seduced. Ha! Chocolate melt . Just like that sensational dessert that very trend in last 2 years ago. But they adapted it into cake
slices. Brilliant!
The texture reminds me of chocolate mousse. i do love the chocolate topped. i guess it was cocoa jelly? The garnish was simple. Very sophisticated.

Prices : Rp.20.000 (IDR)

Vanilla Fruit

I adore the taste! 3 layers of vanilla sponge cake, sandwiched between 3 layers of vanilla butter cream. But i felt like mousseline cream (?) But the texture of the cream more creamy and soft. very nice. I really enjoy ate this cake. Ha! i think i'm gonna get more fat ... yay!

Price : Rp.14.000 (IDR)

New Feature on Sweet Tour ... On The Plate

All The Photos by Dee at Sweet Scarlett

The Harvest Chocolate Mousse looks like on my plate.

i just served it with refreshing berries sauce, with 1 whole fresh strawberry.

The Harvest
delicious Strawberry Cheesecake looks like on my plate.

I just add strawberry sauce on the plate, rounded the cheesecake. put 2 white chocolate spirals as the topped garnish. Last, gave it 2 slices of fresh strawberries that i put on 1 side bottom of the cake. What a strawberriesh!!

Monthly Sweet Recipe...Frozen Coffee Mousse With Chocolate Truffle

Photo by dee at sweet scarlett
Frozen Coffee Mousse with Chocolate Truffle

I have tell you that i loved coffee. Its so addicted. whether as drinks or for cake and dessert. Even for bread. Remember Roti Boy? mm...the smel
ls are toxicated!
I have craved for coffee yesterday. Wanna taste something with coffee inside. And i made it. Coffee mousse but frozen one. i love the taste . closed to coffee ice cream. 'Coz it frozen. I served it with chocolate truffle. Leftover one in my fridge. But you can serve it without the truffle. As you wish my dear readers!

photo by dee at sweet scarlett


100 ml coffee extract (use 2 tbsp your fav instant coffee, blend it with 100 ml hot water and 1 tbsp sugar. If you used esspresso reduce the amount to 1 tbsp)

3 eggyolks
60 g castor sugar
50 ml water
1 + 1/2 leaf gelatin, rested in cooled water
250 g cooled whipped cream

2 layer coffee sponge cake round 12 cm(used ur usual recipe)
coffee simple syrup

optional for garnish:
ready served chocolate truffle
chocolate sauce

-How To-

1.mixed yolks with au bain marie .
2.meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup by boiling (5 minutes) castor sugar and water.
3.pour hot syrup in to the eggs.mixed well until pale in color.
4.add rested gelatin, mixed until gelatin disolved in to eggs.
5.Bring out bowl from pan, add coffee extract, mixed well.
6.wait until the batter slowly cool.

7.The last...add whipped cream. Just remember do not over mixed. Just mix slowly with whisk.
8. sandwiched it between 2 layers of coffee sponges (brush with coffee simple syrup). Let Frozen for a couples hours.
9. Served it sliced with chocolate truffle and chocolate sauce.

My Folder

Do you know Elmanna Gourmet Bakery? I have been working there for a while. I was paid for created new standard recipes for them. Besides the products i have made for them, they also have their own homemade Philiphines pastry products. The best seller was Cheese Bun,Sylvannas and San Rivals. I tell you their taste soo uniquely delicious. You will not found this kind of pastry in any other cake shop in Jakarta. In My Folder every month i will let u know the products that i have been made for them.All was courtesy from Mrs.Evie and Mrs.Sherly H. (Thank you...) as the owners. The photography was taken by Former Photographer from Santap Magazine, Syahroni (Keren abiss foto2mu mas...). At the time i was made all of the cakes & pastries with a good help from my team from Elmanna Gourmet Bakery...Santi, Yudhie and Sylva...Thx guys.Keep up the good work. But..sorry there will be no any recipe.If you feel want some, you can easily contact their phone no. dear readers...please enjoy.

Photo by Syahroni


Muffins are ideal for breakfast or afternoon tea. . At El Manna Gourmet Bakery you can choose whether its Chocolate chips, Blueberry, Almond, Apple & Raisins and Banana.

Photo by Syahroni

Chocolate Devils

The best chocolate ever! Full of chocolate. It used belgian cocoa powder for the cake to give a strong chocolate taste. Then filled and topped with chocolate ganache.

For further information , cake ordering and prices, please feel free to contact
El Manna Gourmet Bakery at:

ElManna Gourmet Bakery
Gedung BSS
Jl. Ampera Raya No.5
Pejaten Barat Jakarta Selatan 12510
Fax. 021-7183451