Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sponge Rolls Decorative

all photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett

Sponge rolls are truly simple cake. No need a very high technique to make some. Usually i made this just plain without skin. But.. with nowdays trend i should give it a try.
I just used a piping bag with some chocolate sponges cake dough for created the decorative skin...without the proper tools. But.. i like it. Because it looks more natural. For home baking i think its enough.

Many designs that you can create. Flowers, Sakura theme, attractive lines, or anything. with your desire colours. Just use your imagination and you will end with a lot of surprise!

One thing that you have to remember while you make the out skin is let the skin's design to freeze first. Then you can pour thinly the white out skin's batter . Bake with high heat for only 5-8 minutes, depending of your mould's size.

for the sponge roll you can use your favorite's recipe. for mine, i used cotton cake. For filling- once again - use your desire filling.

don't hesitate to give your self a try!