Saturday, May 17, 2008

Monthly Sweet...The Sensual of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the world's best-loved foods-it is the universal language of indulgence (John Slattery - The Book of Chocolate Cakes For Wedding and Celebrations)

Chocolate is sensual. delightfull. and sinful taste.tortures you with pleasure. childhood indulgence. just name it. I love chocolate as i love
But chocolate also full of philosophy. Ever heard a quotation from the Film Forrest Gump ?
Life is like a box of chocolate.You never know what you're gonna get.
Yes. I agree.

Type of Chocolate

Photo by dee at sweet scarlett

Chocolate is made by roasting cocoa beans and grinding and heating the kernels to produce cocoa mass and cocoa butter. For dark chocolate, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and sugar are mixed together to form a dough. After intensive mixing, this dough is refined by rollers. The dough is then rolled and refined to produce a very fine chocolate powder. It is at this point that , by varying the balance of ingredients, different chocolate types and flavours are created, before being turned into liquid ready to form into blocks. For milk chocolate, milk solids are added.And for white chocolate, extra cocoa butter, extra sugar and milk solids are added.
(John Slattery - The Book of Chocolate Cakes for Wedding and Celebrations)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet Tour ... Dapur Cokelat Cake Shop

All photos by Dee at Sweet Scarlett

For my May Sweet Tour i have choose
Dapur Cokelat as my review. Who doesn't know Dapur Cokelat ? Specially for people that live in Jakarta, Indonesia.Their have delicious variation of chocolate cakes, chocolate candies, chocolate praline, truffles, chocolate lollipop, Rhumball, chocolate snacks, children's birthday and wedding cakes. Even they provide special decoration. Beside clicking the link you can also check on their official website on i really fall in love with this their special decoration. It was a man playing a piano with a woman as a singer. Wow !! bravo! i think i will buy a cake with this special decoration for my special someones bday.

Sweet Tour Review

Mango Cassata Cake

very delicious. I can easily taste the mango. 2 layers mango mousse with one layer of chocolate mousse on top 1 layer of chocolate sponge. Very refreshing. Nice balanced.

Price per slice IDR 10.000

Java Chocolate Cake

This is the best! For my taste. i love the mix of praline cream and chocolate mousse,nicely blend.With its caramelized cashew nut.the cashew nut bring a nice surprise when finally you get them.ooh...i just love the Java chocolate cake. Really a masterpiece.

Price per slice IDR 10.000

Raspberry Truffle Cake

mmm... honestly... i don't much like it! its not my fav after all.. But if you looking the different taste just go for it.

Price per slice IDR 10.000

Opera Cake

Yes! definitely the best Opera Cake in Town. With low price than the other cake shop in Jakarta you can get the nice balance of the Opera.Good quality even with low price.2 Thumbs up for Dapur Cokelat! The chocolate and coffee blend to perfection. The neat layer make it more outrageous. what are you waiting for? Hurry...Get the Opera...

Price per slice IDR 10.500

Fancy Strawberry Cake

Well...i love it! very nice presenting. You will get a very soft sponge cake with a thin layer of ganache cream in the middle.Topping with a lot of strawberries and cream.

Price per slice IDR 8000

New Feature on Sweet Tour...ON THE PLATE

All photos by Dee at Sweet Scarlett

This is the new feature that complete the Sweet Tour. Every desserts that i have been reviewing will come out in to dessert plate with my own style of decoration. So...Enjoy!

This is Opera Cake still from Dapur Cokelat Cake Shop.
i gave it a nice round shape of chocolate decor on top,added a sliced of fresh strawberry beside the original chocolate decor. Then garnished the plate with chocolate ganache. Last,put a halved strawberry on the plate.

And This is how Fancy Strawberry Cake looks like on my plate.

Gave it white chocolate spiral on top and besides the cake. Still using the chocolate ganache as a plate garnished as well as the strawberry.

Sweet Recipe ... Chocolate Mousse

All photos by Dee at Sweet Scarlett


What do you think about chocolate mousse?
i think...soft...creamy...mouth watering...heaven!!!
Again? Yes! i have been telling you chocolate mousse almost as h
eaven as cream brulee. So classy and perfect dessert that people will always craving for it. Some of..
So...tell me...what do you think about chocolate mousse...

Recipe for 1 whole cake (round 16 cm)
3 egg yolk
1 egg
100 g castor sugar
75 ml water
2 1/2 gelatin leaves, rest in cooled water
225 g melted dark chocolate couveture
35 g fine cocoa powder, sifted
375 g (already) whipped cr

2 sheet chocolate sponge (round 16 cm)


1.mixed yolks and egg with au bai
n marie .
2.meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup by boiling (5 minutes) castor sugar and water.
3.pour hot syrup in to the eggs.mixed well until pale in color.
4.add rested gelatin, mixed until gelatin disolved in to eggs.
4.Bring out bowl from pan, add melted chocolate, mixed well. Add sifted cocoa powder mixed again until well corporate.
5.The batter should no longer hot. It will reduce the
temperature while adding the ingredients.
6.The last...add whipped cream. Just remember do not over mixed. Just mix slowly with whisk.
7.You can serve as you like. to make whole cake just sandwiched it between 2 layers of chocolate sponges(brush with simple syrup)...or you can easily dollop it on a dessert plate with a cube of chocolate sponge. Serve it chill for best result.

My Folder

Do you know Elmanna Gourmet Bakery? I have been working there for a while. I was paid for created new standard recipes for them. Besides the products i have made for them, they also have their own homemade Philiphines pastry products. The best seller was Cheese Bun,Sylvannas and San Rivals. I tell you their taste soo uniquely delicious. You will not found this kind of pastry in any other cake shop in Jakarta. In My Folder every month i will let u know the products that i have been made for them.All was courtesy from Mrs.Evie and Mrs.Sherly H. (Thank you...) as the owners. The photography was taken by Former Photographer from Santap Magazine, Syahroni (Keren abiss foto2mu mas...). At the time i was made all of the cakes & pastries with a good help from my team from Elmanna Gourmet Bakery...Santi, Yudhie and Sylva...Thx guys.Keep up the good work. But..sorry there will no any recipe.If you feel want some, you can easily contact their phone no. dear readers...please enjoy.


Photo by Syahroni

At the first i have to present 4 kinds of whole cake for the test, i have already think to make this delicious red sexy cake. Yup! Full of fresh strawberries with a lot of fresh chantilly cream, sandwiched between 3 layers of very spongy white sponges cake.And i made it. Together along with Blueberry Cheesecake, Passion Yogurt mousse and Premium Black Forest. Soon it become favorite. Who will not? Who will be able to resists the freshness of those strawberries with a hint of sweetness of the chantilly cream? Damn! It just sooo...delicious!

Blueberry Cheesecake

Photo by Syahroni

At ElManna Gourmet Bakery you will found 2 type of Cheesecake. Unbaked and Baked. This is the version of Unbaked Cheesecake. I modified the recipe so it will give the perfect -melt in your mouth - texture.I want this unbaked cheesecake really giving satisfy feeling when the customer spoon it in to their mouth. Yes. I want it soo mouth watering ever be. Don't eat at room temperature or even too cold. for the topping it used import Blueberry filling as also used import Cream Cheese. You can see the whole little yummy blueberry still in the jam. By the way for the crust i want it simple but still delicate. So i used unbaked crust feeling. Using sugar dough crumbs, unsalted butter (yes. Butter. Not margarine.) and a little dash of cinnamon powder. See. How nice the ingredients that completed this Blueberry Cheesecake. So..if you are planning to taste the real Blueberry Cheesecake whether is unbaked or baked, i suggested you to try this Premium Products.

For Further information, cake ordering and prices , please feel free to contact El Manna Gourmet Bakery at:

ElManna Gourmet Bakery
Gedung BSS
Jl. Ampera Raya No.5
Pejaten Barat Jakarta Selatan 12510
Fax. 021-7183451