Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cotton Cake and New Years Eve

all photos was taken by dee at sweet scarlett

Its less than 5 hours to 2009 (West-Indonesian time) . Im planning to go nowhere. Since a lot of bad things just happened in my life ... i guess i need a little intropection and quiet new years eve. All i wanna do just spend this new years eve with families. I need some warm athmosphere. Far away from crowded.
No. I dont say that going outside and have a lot of fun on new years eve is bad things. I onced have the most loud, crowded n craziest new years eve back to 2002 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, at Star Hill area. So much fun, so much craziness, so loud, so young and free ... ^_^
But, as i mention before, now i need intropection. I need warm atmosphere. I need to be quiet. I need sincerely smiles and conversations. I just need it all. I just want it all.

So... for my warm new years eve, i have made vanilla cotton cake with rum swiss ganache. I got the recipe from one of Indonesian culinary magazine. With some retouch. I will post the recipe later. This is new years eve's treat for me and my families. Eventhough still unperfect ... yes, see the unsmooth texture. Lots of "buble" area. Need more practices in this kind of cake. But, for tonight i guess this is just enough.

Hope all of you, my dear readers will have your own prefered new years eve and Best wishes to enter 2009 ... See you all again on 2009!!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Its Choux Time!!!

All photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett

2 days to 2009 and i am craving for choux ...

This is one of my fav pastry ... all time fav.

I used to ate them since i was a little kid. who are not?
Choux or kue sus/soes (in Indonesian word) are so famous here since a long long ago.
Even all of us now it was one of Pastry from -the country i am so adore-France but most-everyone in this world wide world - i guess- had allready got seriously affair with.
And I am one of that people.
And i am so proud to say i am a choux lover also.
Please be notice that
i love that classic creamy custard filling.
Vanilla flavor, please.
I can eat 2 of them, medium size, in 1 time.
better pass the dinner... ^-^

Choux Shell

250 g water
100 g unsalted butter
1/2 tsp salt

150 g flour
5 eggs


1. Bring to boil water , unsalted butter and salt.
2. Add flour , mixed well until it become solid. i guess many of you had allready know that you have to make sure that the flour has cooked enough.
3. Put the dough inside the mixing bowl. Mixed the dough -with beater fitted on- about 7-8 minutes (adjust time depending of your dough quantity) You have to make sure its no longer hot, because it will cook the eggs.
4. Add eggs 1 by 1 . Dont add the next eggs before the dough become solid with the first egg.

5. Now you have the choux batter. Its time to pipe them. The classic one is rosette round. Just be creative. Have some fun with your baking process.
6. After that ... bake them in allready heated -high temperature- oven. 200 C for 25 minutes and so.
7. And you guys know ... Dont ever open the oven door while the baking time .. so hold your self ^_^

8. Wait untill the shell has cool enough and you can fill with the yummy creamy vanilla custard or your fav filling.

Vanilla Custard

375 ml fresh milk
50 g sugar
1 vanilla pod / or 1 tsp good vanilla extract
35 g corn flour
3 egg yolks


1. In the pan, bring to boil-low heat- fresh milk, sugar and vanilla pod (if you used vanilla extract. add while mixing process)
2. Meanwhile mix the yolks and cornflour with hand whisk until well blend.
3. Back to Milk... Before it reaching the boil time, put out the vanilla pod, scrapped and put the vanilla beans inside back to the pan. Add more attention in this process.
4. After boiling, turn off the heat. Add some hot milk liquid to the bowl with yolks and cornflour inside. Stir. Add it steadystream back to pan. Cook with low heat until thick. Add from stove.
You got your custard.
5. I was noticed that to get the best result of custard -shining and good creamy texture- you have to put the - still hot- custard to mixing bowl - whisk attached- and mix until cooled enough.
(Yes. This is the right time for you to add (if you use) vanilla extract. I got this method while i was worked i
n one of the cake shop here in Jakarta -the pastry chef was French man- And untill now i always apply his method. Thanks Chef ^_^
6. And...Your custard is ready ... ^-^

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baked Caramel Peach and Butter Cookies

All pictures was taken by dee at sweet scarlett

I wanna start to blog again with my deeply thankfull.
this post i dedicate to a very nice French Lady , Sandrine at La Tab
le de Sandrine
A couple months ago she was introduce me through her lovely blog to her readers on this post.
Go check her blog.

For pastry lovers ... i tell tou... you gonna fall ...
B'coz this food blog is awesome!!!
you can get -a good- of bunch of info from salons culinaire was held in France.
The plated desserts was faboulus. not just pastry, she also good in cooking.
Yes. She's a great cook.

Her blog was in French. But from a couple months ago its allready had the English version.(See the sidebar)
So, Sandrine ... go grab This Baked Caramel Peach and Butter cookies... i hope u'll like it.

This Baked Caramel Peaches was served with caramel sauce that i was made from caramel sugar, butter and cream. Maybe sprinkle with good quality sea salt will be nice for some people. I dont much adore, so i stick with its natural taste. Unfortunately, i cant found fresh peaches here in Jakarta. Its kinda rare here. So, i just use canned Peaches...yeah, i know its not fresh. so try to found the good quality one.
I baked the peaches with a glaze of caramel, just a little to make those yummy colour. Since canned peaches allready sweet, dont use caramel sc glaze to much. You dont wanna eat sugar, dont you. If you use fresh peaches you can adjust the glaze.You can add some liquer too, if you want. I baked untill it slowly coloured...i love to see those peaches get browning. I serve it with a little of caramel sauce and butter cookies that i shaped just like those cats tongue. Just the usual recipe used Unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs and flour. Here are my Butter Cookies. Delivered to French through my blog ^_^

Flower From Hiatus

frangipani's picture was taken and edited by dee at sweet scarlett

First ... i'am sorry for my long hiatus. 3 months without posting anything. Honestly, i got so overwhelming life lately. And got me into those -very deep-what people say- baking blue. But, after the blue slowly disappear,, suddenly the urge to baking come. And here i am ... starting to bake again!
And please accept my fav frangipani to you all for my apologize.
Gosh... i miss baking!

I really miss those eggs, sugar and flour.
Also the milk, the tempting chocolates and creamy whipped cream.
The smell of fresh strawberry and green tea.
And butter.

And vanilla.
And now... i am back.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Fondant Modelling...The Miniature of Cakes and Macaroons

I'm Back. With some of my fondant modelling.
*smile on*

Meet my Cake Shop Attendant...Scarlett
*smile on*

Please don't hesitate to ask Scarlett for
any help So..Ready to pick up your cake...

Matcha Mousse Cake...
Strawberry Cheese Mousse or Opera?

Or...Mango Mousse...Milk Chocolate Jivara...Neopolitan Mousse anyone?

Lets choose your favorite Macaroons...

From Left to right;
Mango macaroon with raspberry filling, vanilla macaroon with lemon infused white chocolate ganache filling, Rose macaroon with lychee and chocolate ganache filling , Coffee macaroon with esspresso kahlua ganache.
Chocolate vanilla macaroon with mango ganache

See the green one?

Yes...its the one with matcha.
My Greenie Matche Luvable Macaroon with vanilla chocolate ganache.

Sweet Indulgence

The Trio of Dessert Tapas...My Reflected Love
(all photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett)

I love Desserts.

Its in my blood and my hand. And my mind.

It gave me a lot of happiness when i'm making them...taste them.

I just looooove desserts...

Meet The Trio ...

Sexy Fruits on da Cream...Greenie Matcha and Coffee Chocolate Delight.

Inspired from Bakerzin Dessert Tapas and PH's Emotion Line that presenting desserts in to small or medium glassess.Usually line of Moussess, Triffles, or other desserts creation. I love to make this trio of desserts. So much many refreshing colour and dont forget the cream-finger lickin' ... Yum!

Coffee Chocolate Delight

I used my -allready-chocolate mousse and coffee mousse recipe posting. But for this recipe i added some liqouer on it. Rum to chocolate mousse and Kahlua on coffee mousse. And for the base i used coffee sponge cake brushed with kahlua coffee simple syrup then layering with chocolate rum mousse topped with chocolate sponge brushed with rum simple syrup layered with last kahlua coffee moussse. Topped with generous of rosette whipped chantilly cream and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Sexy Fruits on Da Cream

It was kind of Triffle. But i dont used custard on it. Just used Rum Chantilly Cream,a cube of white-rum syrup brushed-sponge and those sexy fruits (in my opinion) ...fresh slices strawberry and Canned sweets Peach.

I love the reflect of their two contrast colour. Just put them -arranged in layer or free from- in glasses , chill for 1 or two hours and its ready!

Greeny Matcha Luvable

Its a matcha mousse layered on a matcha sponge cake sprinkle with matcha powder.

I never get enough on a desserts something - with matcha on it. i love the slowly bitter taste of Matcha. I love how they smell...

Friday, August 22, 2008

its changed!

Haha...feel so bored with my own foodblog. So i decided to changed! No need the theme as usual. Its free posting style now. My foodblog still so young but i love it! This is my second home. Do really hope all of u enjoyed it...

My Fondant Modelling And The Melting Eyes

My Girlie Fondant Modelling

I made this yesterday. Got the FondX, some of food colouring and im ready. This is the first time that i made just like this. Do they look a like the Japanesse Doll or... not? haha... i have to admitt my fondant modelling still un neat. And im crying to see their eyes melting... Hahaha... Stupid me! To use colouring not the fondant itself. Well...forgive me. I am not da expert on this kind of skill. Still learning and will always learning fondant modelling. So, please dont bother that melting eyes!

My girlie one
what will i call her?
my fondant modelling's parade
introducing the GrandPa
the youngest couple

(all photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett)

Kue Mangkok

Kue Mangkok

This is one of Indonesian dessert. A couple weeks ago my mother asked me if i have a good kue mangkok's recipe. So, after doing blog walking , i found this recipe from NCC and reading from the other food blogger that have tried the recipe. Good review and...yes! It was good. Its tried and true recipe. So, Thanks NCC for sharing the recipe. My mom was happy to see our first (!) Kue mangkok turn to a big "smile" ... For recipe look here.

all photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett

The UniqueTaste of Black Sesame Paste

Sesame Seeds

Its not Sesame Street...well, its seeds. Its unique. Its fragrant after you toasted them. I love to eat them ... the toasted allready or as chocolate-peanut-sesame martabak (asian thick pancake, very famous in Indonesia). I have been making Black Sesame Paste a couple days ago, to complete the mini eclair's order (read the post after this post) . Well...its kind hard to find black sesame paste here in Jakarta, so i try to make it. The first time i only used (Only) black sesame seeds. But i found it too bitter, less that unique-i love-taste. So i change some with white sesame seeds. And...i got the taste! i dont know if black sesame paste was made from 100% of black sesame seeds or not. So, please, if any of you knowing about this, just leave me a note.
The Sesame Seeds
This is my homemade Black (or Black and white? since i used both of them) Sesame Paste. I have only tried it to mixed with custard to fill the mini eclair (very yummy!). I still have the paste in my refrigerator so i think i will make some of mousse, cookies and sponge cake. i am curious...can wait to put my apron and the oven on!

MyHomemade Black Sesame Paste

(All photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mini Eclair Galore...The Sweet Order

all photos by dee at sweet scarlett

A couple days ago one of my friends called me and asked if i could take an order to make mini eclairs for one of leading woman magazine in Indonesia (F*m*n*a)...and i said off course i could. So i contacted the one that in charge in the Kitchen Test in that magazine. Very nice woman of her. it tooks 2 times test food. the first one just like this...Its 4 variants...Chocolate Rum Eclair with milk chocolate topped and diced peanuts, Citrus Grand Marnier Eclair with orange flavour chocolate topped , Coffee Kahlua Eclair with coffee fondant glaze and Green Tea Eclair with green tea fondant glaze.

1 day after they tested my minie eclairs, they gave some conclusion. After short phone talking, i go back to the kitchen to make what they really want...they want to cut up the glaze .they want it to be simple but still looking nice. and they changed the Citrus Grand Marnier Eclair with Black Sesame Eclair. its an unique one. i made my own black sesame paste because its difficult to get black sesame paste here in Jakarta.

And...they agree! so...i have to make 400 pcs (*update:well, they asked for another 100 mini eclairs, so the total was 500 pcs) of this mini eclairs with 4 choosed variants ...
1.Black Sesame Mini Eclairs; i made very classics style of Custard that used a lot egg yolk. Then mix with black sesame paste after the custard slowly cooled. Love the taste!
2.Green Tea Mini Eclair ; the usual one . Just mix the green tea powder with cooled custard.
3.Chocolate Rum Mini Eclair ; I used Belgian Cocoa Powder that i melted it first to become a paste, then mixed with cooled custard and a lot of Myers Black Rum.
4.Coffee Kahlua Mini Eclair ; make a coffee paste first than add to cooled custard with generous Kahlua mixed well. My Fav!