Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet Scarlett's 1st Anniversary .... 1 Year with Love.

Its April 9th ! And its 1 year after. Never forget the day when i decided to publish a post and my Food Blog was born. Sweet Scarlett. One of my friend ever asked...why Scarlett? Yes. Why Scarlett. Why not my name or other name? But, i like Scarlett. It has a memory. Between me and my father. We share the same likeness. and Gone With The Wind was one of them. I was in love with Scarlett. Only the name. And when i was at the moment ... Scarlett come to my head. And Sweet? of course because this Blog posting sweet foods..For sweet lover...all of you my dearest readers. Thank You! whoever you are who love and enjoy reading my Sweet Scarlett Food Blog. It's a blessing to read all of the priceless. And to honour Peoples that come to this site..reading it with a lot of joy... i have prepare 3 special Posts only for my Dear Readers! First The Sliced Of Cake . Second ... Little Interview With Christophe Michalak:The Sweet Seducer. And Third... Sweet Review : K's Bakery Jakarta, Indonesia. The Sweet Review will be publish in the end of April. And always ... Please Do Enjoy ...

The Slices of Cake

Happy Birthday my Food Blog!

The second home of mine. where i can easily put everything of sweets that i've had experimented so far. The place where my passion are perfectly blends with so many happiness and joy in my life. so priceless...

For my Sweet Scarlett Food Blog 1st Anniversary .. i've made the simple mousse cake. No recipe on it. seriously. it was made only with my though. Experiences so far was so helping me. To maintain the right texture of mousse i've made. Maybe not asperfect as the Talented Chef's made. But..i've enjoyed it. This Slices Cake is Coffee Caramel and Chocolate Cashew Mousse Cake. I simply use ingredients stock that i can found in my kitchen. I want to tyr to keep all simple. Eventhough it's not a simple cake.

For the sponge cake, i used 2, which is chocolate sponge cake and vanilla and cashew sponge cake. For the mousse i've made also 2 kinds,with components that uses my fav.ingredients. There are caramel,coffee, chocolate and nuts -for now i use Cashew-

For the Chocolate and Cashew mousse i've used for 2 layers. Simply after i've made the chocolate mousse i added finely ground and sieve toasted Cashew on the batter. And for The Caramel and Coffee Mousse, i've made the Caramel first. After i get the nice caramel with so tempting aroma..i pour carefully the coffee extract and a little cream and allow the caramel to melt and blends with the coffee. Then i add rested gelatin leaves. After it perfectly melt i keep it to cool before add the whipped cream. And voila... i have my Caramel and Coffee Mousse for the second layer. The taste are awesome. Because i love every ingredients that blends on it.

One thing i've missed is Strawberry. This is one of my Fav. too... So i 've made it as a fresh drink. So simple. Sweet Soda with Fresh Strawberry slices. No used any syrup. Enjoying slice of Cake that contains ingredients that i love with a small glass of Fresh Strawberry drink was gave me a blashs of happiness and off course ... I think its all enough for my Sweet Scarlett !

Again.... Happy 1st Anniversary My Sweet Scarlett!

all photos was taken by Dee at Sweet Scarlett


sandrine said...

Hello ma chère Dee,

Je te souhaite un très joyeux bloganniversaire, que celui-ci soit le premier d'une très longue série....ton blog est vraiment admirable, j'adore ce que tu fais....tu as beaucoup de talent je te l'ais déjà je te souhaite très sincèrement de réussir dans cette jolie voie sucrée, tu le mérites tellement !!!!!
Ton gâteau d'anniversaire semble souffle volontiers ta première bougie t'embrasse et à très boentôt ma chère Dee !!!!

PennyLane said...

gosh it looks good! mauuuu... hiks..

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