Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Sweet Recipe...Cream Brulee

All photos by Dee at Sweet Scarlett

Heaven ! For me spooning the creamy cream
brulee in to my mouth always feel like heaven. Hyperball? Yes. But damn it's true.
Eating creme brulee is like licking chocolate mousse. Very soft, tender yet silky and velvety. Giving high satisfy feeling. Close to orgasm. Hyperball ? No.
For people who's got sweet tooth and love this kind of dessert would say the same. But how ever the opinion, i will always adore this humble queen of dessert...Cream Brulee.
This is the recipe from my very best cream brulee. Enjoy.

Cream Brulee

For : 4 portion


400 ml double cream
100 ml fresh milk
1 vanilla pod
3 tbsp castor sugar
5 eggyolks

How to

1. Heat cream, milk, and vanilla pod with the seeds open in a medium sauce pan with low heat until warm, close to boil...but don't let it boil or it will curdle. So, pay close attention. Take the pan from the heat. Remove the pod. Strain if necessary.
2. Mix sugar and yolks until well combined. Pour hot vanilla infused cream and milk, whisk until combine. Pour back to the pan. Cook with low heat until thick, close to custard's consistency. Still be carefull. Do not boil. Take out from the heat.
3. Pour in to 4 small (@150 ml volume) ramekin moulds , bake with au bain marie in preheated 160 C for 40 minutes.Take out from the oven.
4. Keep the cream brulee until slightly warm to cool. Let it set in refrigerator for 6 hours or more for better texture.
5.Don't forget to make those delicious sweet crackle of sugar burnt top. Yummy...


Arfi Binsted said...

i love creme brulee, i just love custard for dessert. creamy and smooth, very pleasing. great garnish with toffee there.

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...
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Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

yup! besides mousse , cream brulee is one of classic and basic adorable dessert. very classy, no need a lot of garnish, but still got those fine look. Thx for ur lovely comment mba Arfi...