Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sweet Tour : Choux

All photos by Dee at Sweet Scarlett

This is my first sweet tour.

And i feel like choux's in. So i went to Beard Papa's at Pondok Indah Mall 2, South Jakarta.

I was bought two of their variations of Choux.

The first one is the classic one, Vanilla cream.

Vanilla Cream. Damn good! So delicious. Very natural vanilla taste.The texture of the filling 90 % perfect ! I love the natural - not very sweet taste of this choux.

Green Tea Choux.I guess this is my fav ! The
greentea flavour was not very strong enough but still give the green tea slightly bitter after taste.I love this since it's not too sweet, less sugar i guess.
Probably one of Beard Papa's Choux that i will buy again someday.


Happy Baking said...

Dear dee..
you can make it by your own..!search the receipe at ncc, title sus jepang..

Andrie Anne said...

Setuju..dikau pasti bisa..

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

wow...thanks a lot for the information yaa mba. I will search it at ncc and try it soon. very handsome little boy u've got!

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

makasiiih mba Anne ... european choux sih udah sering bikin. Tapi, Japanesse choux ...? Beluuum... he.he gak sabar pengen nyoba.

Dwiana P said...

hello salam kenal. Baca blog ini jadi pengen jln2 ke Pondok Indah. Waktu itu pulkam gk sempet kesana:(