Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baked Caramel Peach and Butter Cookies

All pictures was taken by dee at sweet scarlett

I wanna start to blog again with my deeply thankfull.
this post i dedicate to a very nice French Lady , Sandrine at La Tab
le de Sandrine
A couple months ago she was introduce me through her lovely blog to her readers on this post.
Go check her blog.

For pastry lovers ... i tell tou... you gonna fall ...
B'coz this food blog is awesome!!!
you can get -a good- of bunch of info from salons culinaire was held in France.
The plated desserts was faboulus. not just pastry, she also good in cooking.
Yes. She's a great cook.

Her blog was in French. But from a couple months ago its allready had the English version.(See the sidebar)
So, Sandrine ... go grab This Baked Caramel Peach and Butter cookies... i hope u'll like it.

This Baked Caramel Peaches was served with caramel sauce that i was made from caramel sugar, butter and cream. Maybe sprinkle with good quality sea salt will be nice for some people. I dont much adore, so i stick with its natural taste. Unfortunately, i cant found fresh peaches here in Jakarta. Its kinda rare here. So, i just use canned Peaches...yeah, i know its not fresh. so try to found the good quality one.
I baked the peaches with a glaze of caramel, just a little to make those yummy colour. Since canned peaches allready sweet, dont use caramel sc glaze to much. You dont wanna eat sugar, dont you. If you use fresh peaches you can adjust the glaze.You can add some liquer too, if you want. I baked untill it slowly coloured...i love to see those peaches get browning. I serve it with a little of caramel sauce and butter cookies that i shaped just like those cats tongue. Just the usual recipe used Unsalted butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs and flour. Here are my Butter Cookies. Delivered to French through my blog ^_^


sandrine said...

Hello dear Dee,

J'espère que tu vas bien, cela faisait longtemps que tu n'avais pas mis de gourmandise sur ton blog.....merci pour ton commentaire sur le mien.
Je ne sais quoi dire.... je suis sincèrement touchée par ton billet écrit à mon attention.....cette magnifique création sucrée que tu me dédicaces....un énorme merci !!!!! Tu as bien choisi, j'adore les pêches, associées au caramel c'est divin....ton assiette est très gourmande, raffinée, élégante, tout en légèreté .....j'adore....j'aurai aimé pouvoir goûter !!!!!
C'est pour moi un grand plaisir d'avoir fait ta connaissance grâce à nos blogs ainsi que celui de Ko Wai....tu as beaucoup de talent, de passion, surtout continues à te faire plaisir et à nous faire plaisir en laissant libre cours à ta créativité....merci infiniment...
Je te souhaite de passer d'excellentes fêtes de fin d'années, et à très bientô t'embrasse.

chef Régis said...

Bravo pour le blog !

A bientôt sur mon blog leçon de pâ


Chef Régis

vincent said...

Bonjour !! i am a friend of Sandrine...and i love to cook as well !!! Sandrine is alwways right...your blog is wonderfull, and si so nice from you to dedicace her your recipe...
It was a pleasure to have a tour on your blog, i wish you a merry Christmas...

Jean-Baptiste said...

Just arrived to your blog through the link from Sandrine. I wish I could taste your bakeries...
I hope you will come to the next Salon du Blog Culinaire, so that we can meet you in live...
A blogger coming from Indonesia... it would be very nice ;-)
Soon on your blog...

ellentakdir said...

welcome back dee....thx for the link.....nice to have u back :)

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

@Sandrine ... Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. I am so glad that you like it as much as i do. its so worth it!

@chef Regis ... Very nice to have you visit my blog! Merci!

@Vincent... Thank you very much Vincent. I am so happy with your visit. You are so welcome here.

@Jean-Baptiste ... Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, Salon Culinaire... so bad i couldnt attend ... because of very far away from Indonesia and to go there will cost a lot ^_^ But, anyway Thanks for your nice hope!

@Ellen Takdir... Makasiii mba Ellen...Wake from long hiatus ^_^