Monday, December 29, 2008

Its Choux Time!!!

All photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett

2 days to 2009 and i am craving for choux ...

This is one of my fav pastry ... all time fav.

I used to ate them since i was a little kid. who are not?
Choux or kue sus/soes (in Indonesian word) are so famous here since a long long ago.
Even all of us now it was one of Pastry from -the country i am so adore-France but most-everyone in this world wide world - i guess- had allready got seriously affair with.
And I am one of that people.
And i am so proud to say i am a choux lover also.
Please be notice that
i love that classic creamy custard filling.
Vanilla flavor, please.
I can eat 2 of them, medium size, in 1 time.
better pass the dinner... ^-^

Choux Shell

250 g water
100 g unsalted butter
1/2 tsp salt

150 g flour
5 eggs


1. Bring to boil water , unsalted butter and salt.
2. Add flour , mixed well until it become solid. i guess many of you had allready know that you have to make sure that the flour has cooked enough.
3. Put the dough inside the mixing bowl. Mixed the dough -with beater fitted on- about 7-8 minutes (adjust time depending of your dough quantity) You have to make sure its no longer hot, because it will cook the eggs.
4. Add eggs 1 by 1 . Dont add the next eggs before the dough become solid with the first egg.

5. Now you have the choux batter. Its time to pipe them. The classic one is rosette round. Just be creative. Have some fun with your baking process.
6. After that ... bake them in allready heated -high temperature- oven. 200 C for 25 minutes and so.
7. And you guys know ... Dont ever open the oven door while the baking time .. so hold your self ^_^

8. Wait untill the shell has cool enough and you can fill with the yummy creamy vanilla custard or your fav filling.

Vanilla Custard

375 ml fresh milk
50 g sugar
1 vanilla pod / or 1 tsp good vanilla extract
35 g corn flour
3 egg yolks


1. In the pan, bring to boil-low heat- fresh milk, sugar and vanilla pod (if you used vanilla extract. add while mixing process)
2. Meanwhile mix the yolks and cornflour with hand whisk until well blend.
3. Back to Milk... Before it reaching the boil time, put out the vanilla pod, scrapped and put the vanilla beans inside back to the pan. Add more attention in this process.
4. After boiling, turn off the heat. Add some hot milk liquid to the bowl with yolks and cornflour inside. Stir. Add it steadystream back to pan. Cook with low heat until thick. Add from stove.
You got your custard.
5. I was noticed that to get the best result of custard -shining and good creamy texture- you have to put the - still hot- custard to mixing bowl - whisk attached- and mix until cooled enough.
(Yes. This is the right time for you to add (if you use) vanilla extract. I got this method while i was worked i
n one of the cake shop here in Jakarta -the pastry chef was French man- And untill now i always apply his method. Thanks Chef ^_^
6. And...Your custard is ready ... ^-^


Ria said...

Oh my....looking at these nice choux pastries will make me quit my diet!!! Wow... How are you Dee? I have already added you in my blog list. Hope you don't mind. Happy New year!

ellentakdir said...

wow kue sus......always bikin ngiler....ngeliatnya aja udah bikin ngeces,aku belum pernah nyoba nich bikin sus,bagi resepnya ya dee....

happy new year dear :)

sandrine said...

Coucou ....tes petits choux sont sublimes....parfaits....rien à redire....garnis d'une délicate crème....ils sont vraiment à croquer !!!!
Je te souhaite de passer d'excellentes fêtes d efin d'anné tous mes meilleurs voeux gourmands pour cette nouvelle année 2009...que tous tes projets se réalisent !!!!

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

@Hai Ria... Yes, i am fine .Thank you 4 asking. And how are u Ria? Thanks for adding me on your blog list. I am so happy. Happy new year too Ria!

@Mba Ellen...makasii...iya, kue sus emang bikin ngiler. Ayo mba, buat! Ditunggu yaa hasil jadinya..hehehe
Happy new year too!!! Best wishes 4u and ur family!!

@Sandrine... Thank you! you always success to made me feel so flattered! Ur sincerely compliments and frequent visits really touch me Sandrine! Thanks and thanks. Bonne Anne 2009 Sandrine!