Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monthly Sweet Recipe...Frozen Coffee Mousse With Chocolate Truffle

Photo by dee at sweet scarlett
Frozen Coffee Mousse with Chocolate Truffle

I have tell you that i loved coffee. Its so addicted. whether as drinks or for cake and dessert. Even for bread. Remember Roti Boy? mm...the smel
ls are toxicated!
I have craved for coffee yesterday. Wanna taste something with coffee inside. And i made it. Coffee mousse but frozen one. i love the taste . closed to coffee ice cream. 'Coz it frozen. I served it with chocolate truffle. Leftover one in my fridge. But you can serve it without the truffle. As you wish my dear readers!

photo by dee at sweet scarlett


100 ml coffee extract (use 2 tbsp your fav instant coffee, blend it with 100 ml hot water and 1 tbsp sugar. If you used esspresso reduce the amount to 1 tbsp)

3 eggyolks
60 g castor sugar
50 ml water
1 + 1/2 leaf gelatin, rested in cooled water
250 g cooled whipped cream

2 layer coffee sponge cake round 12 cm(used ur usual recipe)
coffee simple syrup

optional for garnish:
ready served chocolate truffle
chocolate sauce

-How To-

1.mixed yolks with au bain marie .
2.meanwhile prepare the sugar syrup by boiling (5 minutes) castor sugar and water.
3.pour hot syrup in to the eggs.mixed well until pale in color.
4.add rested gelatin, mixed until gelatin disolved in to eggs.
5.Bring out bowl from pan, add coffee extract, mixed well.
6.wait until the batter slowly cool.

7.The last...add whipped cream. Just remember do not over mixed. Just mix slowly with whisk.
8. sandwiched it between 2 layers of coffee sponges (brush with coffee simple syrup). Let Frozen for a couples hours.
9. Served it sliced with chocolate truffle and chocolate sauce.

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