Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Do you know Elmanna Gourmet Bakery? I have been working there for a while. I was paid for created new standard recipes for them. Besides the products i have made for them, they also have their own homemade Philiphines pastry products. The best seller was Cheese Bun,Sylvannas and San Rivals. I tell you their taste soo uniquely delicious. You will not found this kind of pastry in any other cake shop in Jakarta. In My Folder every month i will let u know the products that i have been made for them.All was courtesy from Mrs.Evie and Mrs.Sherly H. (Thank you...) as the owners. The photography was taken by Former Photographer from Santap Magazine, Syahroni (Keren abiss foto2mu mas...). At the time i was made all of the cakes & pastries with a good help from my team from Elmanna Gourmet Bakery...Santi, Yudhie and Sylva...Thx guys.Keep up the good work. But..sorry there will be no any recipe.If you feel want some, you can easily contact their phone no. dear readers...please enjoy.

Photo by Syahroni


Muffins are ideal for breakfast or afternoon tea. . At El Manna Gourmet Bakery you can choose whether its Chocolate chips, Blueberry, Almond, Apple & Raisins and Banana.

Photo by Syahroni

Chocolate Devils

The best chocolate ever! Full of chocolate. It used belgian cocoa powder for the cake to give a strong chocolate taste. Then filled and topped with chocolate ganache.

For further information , cake ordering and prices, please feel free to contact
El Manna Gourmet Bakery at:

ElManna Gourmet Bakery
Gedung BSS
Jl. Ampera Raya No.5
Pejaten Barat Jakarta Selatan 12510
Fax. 021-7183451

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