Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet Tour ... The Harvest Cake Shop

All photos by dee at sweet scarlett

I can tell that i love The Harvest so much. mostly since their made their products more gorgeous, adorable...just name it. Look at their products here and here or their chocolate here... see, why i fall in to their pastries? the products are sooo beautiful. and delicious too. i just love it. But for my June Sweet Tour i only review their 3 products. In the future i will review their other products including their chocolates. Just wait my dear readers!

The other part of The Harvest that i like it too was their brochures. Very nice. With a mouth watering photos. I guess the newest is the best.don't tell anyone...i have their 3 kinds of brochures! hahaha...i just like to collected them.

The Reviews

Strawberry Cheesecake

Wow!!! i just can say wow. It so delicious. Nice texture. I guess this is the baked cheesecake version. They topped with A LOT of fresh strawberries. The strawberry give a nice refreshing touch to this creamy cheesecake. No regret guys! worth with the price. Price : Rp. 17.000 (IDR)

Chocolate Melt

The name was seduced. Ha! Chocolate melt . Just like that sensational dessert that very trend in last 2 years ago. But they adapted it into cake
slices. Brilliant!
The texture reminds me of chocolate mousse. i do love the chocolate topped. i guess it was cocoa jelly? The garnish was simple. Very sophisticated.

Prices : Rp.20.000 (IDR)

Vanilla Fruit

I adore the taste! 3 layers of vanilla sponge cake, sandwiched between 3 layers of vanilla butter cream. But i felt like mousseline cream (?) But the texture of the cream more creamy and soft. very nice. I really enjoy ate this cake. Ha! i think i'm gonna get more fat ... yay!

Price : Rp.14.000 (IDR)

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