Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet Indulgence

The Trio of Dessert Tapas...My Reflected Love
(all photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett)

I love Desserts.

Its in my blood and my hand. And my mind.

It gave me a lot of happiness when i'm making them...taste them.

I just looooove desserts...

Meet The Trio ...

Sexy Fruits on da Cream...Greenie Matcha and Coffee Chocolate Delight.

Inspired from Bakerzin Dessert Tapas and PH's Emotion Line that presenting desserts in to small or medium glassess.Usually line of Moussess, Triffles, or other desserts creation. I love to make this trio of desserts. So much many refreshing colour and dont forget the cream-finger lickin' ... Yum!

Coffee Chocolate Delight

I used my -allready-chocolate mousse and coffee mousse recipe posting. But for this recipe i added some liqouer on it. Rum to chocolate mousse and Kahlua on coffee mousse. And for the base i used coffee sponge cake brushed with kahlua coffee simple syrup then layering with chocolate rum mousse topped with chocolate sponge brushed with rum simple syrup layered with last kahlua coffee moussse. Topped with generous of rosette whipped chantilly cream and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Sexy Fruits on Da Cream

It was kind of Triffle. But i dont used custard on it. Just used Rum Chantilly Cream,a cube of white-rum syrup brushed-sponge and those sexy fruits (in my opinion) ...fresh slices strawberry and Canned sweets Peach.

I love the reflect of their two contrast colour. Just put them -arranged in layer or free from- in glasses , chill for 1 or two hours and its ready!

Greeny Matcha Luvable

Its a matcha mousse layered on a matcha sponge cake sprinkle with matcha powder.

I never get enough on a desserts something - with matcha on it. i love the slowly bitter taste of Matcha. I love how they smell...

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Sandrine said...

Hello Dee,

Félicitations pour ce desserts très gourmand, chic et original.
Moi aussi j'adore les desserts composé de minis verrines, c'est très élégant, coloré avec diffréentes textures...c'est sublime !!!
A bientôt