Friday, August 22, 2008

The UniqueTaste of Black Sesame Paste

Sesame Seeds

Its not Sesame Street...well, its seeds. Its unique. Its fragrant after you toasted them. I love to eat them ... the toasted allready or as chocolate-peanut-sesame martabak (asian thick pancake, very famous in Indonesia). I have been making Black Sesame Paste a couple days ago, to complete the mini eclair's order (read the post after this post) . Well...its kind hard to find black sesame paste here in Jakarta, so i try to make it. The first time i only used (Only) black sesame seeds. But i found it too bitter, less that unique-i love-taste. So i change some with white sesame seeds. And...i got the taste! i dont know if black sesame paste was made from 100% of black sesame seeds or not. So, please, if any of you knowing about this, just leave me a note.
The Sesame Seeds
This is my homemade Black (or Black and white? since i used both of them) Sesame Paste. I have only tried it to mixed with custard to fill the mini eclair (very yummy!). I still have the paste in my refrigerator so i think i will make some of mousse, cookies and sponge cake. i am curious...can wait to put my apron and the oven on!

MyHomemade Black Sesame Paste

(All photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett)


Trang said...

i love black sesame.

how did you make the black sesame paste, what's the recipe?. thanks! yummy!

Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

hi there trang... glad that u love sesame paste too. well...i made it with 1 part of white sesame beans and 2 parts of black sesame beans. toasted them until fragrant. then i grounded them,put them in a pan with some sugar and milk and cook with low heat until become dark in colour. then wait until they are slowly cold. then i put it in the blender, blended until they are smooth. If you want a very smooth texture you can press them in a sieve. for the recipe :
100 g black sesame beans
50 g white sesame beans
30-40 g sugar (i used 30 g)
200 ml milk
ps. sorry if it took me so long to reply.

Y said...

That paste looks great. I didn't realise it was made with milk as well.

velvet said...

that looks great! where do you get black sesame seeds here in jakarta?