Friday, August 22, 2008

My Fondant Modelling And The Melting Eyes

My Girlie Fondant Modelling

I made this yesterday. Got the FondX, some of food colouring and im ready. This is the first time that i made just like this. Do they look a like the Japanesse Doll or... not? haha... i have to admitt my fondant modelling still un neat. And im crying to see their eyes melting... Hahaha... Stupid me! To use colouring not the fondant itself. Well...forgive me. I am not da expert on this kind of skill. Still learning and will always learning fondant modelling. So, please dont bother that melting eyes!

My girlie one
what will i call her?
my fondant modelling's parade
introducing the GrandPa
the youngest couple

(all photos taken by dee at sweet scarlett)

1 comment:

Sandrine said...

Hello Dee,

Ces petites poupées sont vraiment à croquer.....elles sont trop mimi.
Voilà une chose que je n'ai jamais essayé....félicitations.
Je t'embrasse et à bientôt